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Welcome to the ETRCC


The Elgin Township Republicans are the party of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan, with a proud tradition of support for freedom, opportunity, and integrity. By fighting to reform Illinois at the local level, we will make Elgin and our State a great place to work, live and play. We will promote the principles that have made our Nation exceptional and unleash the great potential of our citizens – not the size and reach of government.

Our Mission

  • To promote an informed electorate through political education

  • To foster loyalty to the Republican Party and its ideals

  • To work for the election of the Republican Party’s nominees

  • To promote individual liberty, person responsibility, fiscal responsibility, good governance, with minimal regulation, lower taxes, and less government.


Lady in Red.JPG

Nicole Dean

David Teas Pic.jpg

David Teas

Mike Kenyon Pic.jpg
Maggie Beyer Pic_edited.jpg
Co-Vice Chairman

Michael Kenyon


Maggie Beyer


Doug Scheflow


Precinct Committeeman

Precinct          Name

Elgin 1      Angie Nowak

Elgin 2     Enoch Essendrop

Elgin 6     Donna Bruderle

Elgin 7     Doug J Scheflow 

Elgin 8     Cody Holt 

Elgin 9      Joy Symonds

Elgin 12      Maggie Beyer

Elgin 14     Eric Stare

Elgin 15     Heather Manzella

Elgin 16     David Teas

Elgin 18      Greg Lieser

Elgin 22      Nicole Dean

Elgin 24      Bryan Bulger

Elgin 26      Shane Nowak

Elgin 27      Karen Wineland

Elgin 28      Judy Wright

Elgin 29      Donald Puckett

Elgin 34     Matthew Wineland

Elgin 39      Michael Kenyon   

Elgin 41      William Werst

Elgin 42      John Riley  

Elgin 43      Jeff Meyer  

Elgin 44      Mike Lawson

Elgin 45      Mark Bielek

Elgin 46      Ed Dring 

Elgin 47      Walter Wright

Elgin 48      Karen Dowling

Elgin 49      Ken Hansen

Elgin 51       Scott Webb

Elgin 52      Sue Hansen

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