Bob is a resident of Elgin and is currently an Elgin Township Trustee. Bob has served the Elgin community in many leadership roles including the U-46 School Board, Human Relations Commission, Neighborhood Housing and church organizations and activities for the past 37 years. He is currently employed at Fermilab as a Procurement Administrator. Bob is married to Janice and they have 4 adult children, 9 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. 

During his tenure as an Elgin Township Trustee, Bob has been honest, forthright, listened to the people and exercised integrity.

Robert "Bob" Johnson

​​Elgin Township Trustee

Vicki is dedicated, honest, fair, fiscally conservative, and a guardian of taxpayer monies while serving as a 5-term Trustee with Elgin Township.  Vicki is a  lifelong Westside Elgin resident. 

Known as the " idea girl ' on the Township Board, Vicki has created and coordinated many successful programs that citizens of Elgin Township use today.  Vicki is a small business owner, active in both community and political campaigns and activities.  She serves as a Republican Precinct Committee Woman, past President of Township Officials of Kane County, and former Republican Chairwoman of the Kane County Central Committee.


We have a strong slate of candidates running to serve Elgin Township. Read about their experience and leadership in our community. 

Remember: Early Voting begins March 20, 2017 and Election Day is April 4, 2017.

Meet the 2017 Candidates

Randy Endean

Elgin Township Trustee

Rodney Seyller, Elgin Township Road District Highway Commissioner, is seeking re-election.Rodney has lived in Elgin Township for 38 years. He has been married to his wife Penny for 38 years, has three children and two grandchildren. Rodney is a member of St Mary's of Elgin.

"I have 40 years of experience with highway maintenance.  

My goal is to provide the best service to the residents at the lowest costs."

Vicki Pelock

Elgin Township Trustee

Karen Dowling

Elgin Township Clerk

Steven P. Surnicki has been serving Elgin Township since 2006, as Elgin Township Assessor since 2010.  Steven is a State of Illinois Certified General Appraiser and a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer.

Pat was born and lived 50 plus years of his life in Elgin. Pat, with other family members, owns, and is President of Elgin Sheet Metal located in South Elgin. Pat and his wife Deborah are active members in the community and have voluntarily served on many community civic boards and organizations.  Together they have raised three children, Liza, Meredith and Andrew and have been involved in many family, church, school and community projects.

Pat brings over forty years of business experience and trustworthy dedication to the folks served by Elgin Township. Pat as proven to be responsible to the taxpayers of Elgin while being caring to people in need.

Pat's strengths are his ability to work out solutions to tough problems, while bringing a non-combative spirit to the Township Board. Pat has proven to be able to work with other community leaders to provide essential services to residents of Elgin Township. 

Most of all, Pat follows through honestly with commitments made to the people of Elgin Township.

Karen Dowling has been an Elgin resident and small business owner for 22 years. She is the past President of the Elgin Junior Woman’s Club and a past member of the Sherman Hospital Auxiliary.

"I am a reliable, hardworking leader with the organizational skills and precision required to carry out the duties of  Elgin Township Clerk."

Annette Miller

Elgin Township Supervisor

Steven P. Surnicki

Elgin Township Assessor 

Rodney Seyller

Elgin Township Highway Commissioner 

Randy is a resident of South Elgin, where he is serving a 23 year career in law enforcement.  He is dedicated to community service, serving in various roles in the Lions Club of South Elgin and promoting senior initiatives.  Randy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Law Enforcement Administration and a Master's Degree in Management Leadership, along with practical experience in governmental budgeting.

J. Patrick "Pat" Hudgens

Elgin Township Trustee

Annette is a life-long Elgin resident who has served Township residents for 30 years; the last 11 as Supervisor. She serves on the Township Supervisors of Illinois Board and as Treasurer of the Township Officials of Kane County. Annette is also President of the Elgin noon Kiwanis club and a member of the Cosmopolitan Club of Elgin.

Elgin Township Republican Central Committee